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The Music of Social Media Influence


I am an avid listener of music. I’ve always been this way. I can remember listening to Boston and ELO records on my portable fold up turntable with speakers at the age of 4. Now, my tastes range all over the place from techno to jazz, classical, Christian, folk, trip-hop, hard rock, bluegrass and many […]

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Audience Building Part 2- Staying Tuned In

Blog Audience Building

This is the second post in a series entitled “Audience Building- Tips from Broadcast Media” I am exploring how the old media boys such as TV and Radio have and continue to build huge and energize audiences around personal and corporate brands. What are the techniques employed? How can we apply that wisdom to our […]

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Audience Building Part 1- Dialing In the Dialogue

new media radio

This is the first part in a series called “Audience Building.” Travel with me as we explore how and why the big names in broadcast, print, cinema, and theatre can attract and attain such massive and devout followings. What are they doing to get millions of views and followers? How can we apply that to […]

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What is Social Localism?

social localism

When I first understood there was a such thing as web 2.0 a couple of years ago, the world seemed to open up to new and bigger potentials. No longer was I stuck in my little universe sending emails and browsing static web-pages. A fresh and unhindered space began to unfold. My sphere got a […]

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The creed of the New Broadcasters!

creed of the new broadcasters

We create and share what we find most interesting and meaningful. We talk about the things that matter most to us. We watch what we want, when we want, and tell others about what we are watching and how to start watching it. Being our authentic selves is respected and appreciated in our community. We […]

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New Twitter Video Search Tool

Twitter is a fabulous networking and communication tool, but as many of us know, Twitter is also an incredible real time search engine. Twitter is an ever flowing river of instant messages filled with links, key words, opinions, and conversations about every topic you can imagine. All of these millions of posts are happening simultaneously, […]

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Your personality can be a great marketing tool.

Jennifer Horsley, from Habitat Floral and I worked together to create a promo video that was not so much about “promoting” in the typical sense. When I say “typical” promotion I mean telling the prospect everything that you can do for them in a “sit and listen” type fashion. Sometimes that style works, but not […]

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Pro Builders Promote With Video

Imagination Media produced this video for Hand Crafted Custom Homes- a custom log home builder located in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana. They have a very unique approach to building which includes assembling a dedicated team of skilled craftsman, working one on one with the client from concept to completion and genuinely working to understand the […]

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