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Video Transfers

Imagination Media provides fast and reliable film, video and photo transfers to digital. Simply provide us with your video tapes, slides, photos, or movie film. We’ll quickly and accurately transfer them to DVD, hard drive, or thumb drive.

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Missoula Local

We do all of our work locally and do not ship any of your precious memories out of town to be processed.

Convenient Location

We are located at 210 N. Higgins Ave. Ste 204 in downtown, Missoula for fast and easy drop off and delivery. 

Quick Turn Around

We offer next day project completion depending on the size of your order. Larger order completion times vary.

High Quality Digital

We provide hi-res digital transfers to meet or exceed your expectations. Great attention to detail and a gentle hand to work with and preserve your historical archive.

Video Tape Transfers and DVD Duplication.

Video tapes degrade over time. Heat, moisture, particles in the air, mold, and demagnetization can destroy the image and sound quality of your tape. Once the tape is permanently damaged it proves very difficult or impossible to retrieve the lost signal. Sadly, the memories of an entire generation captured on video tape are in jeopardy of being lost forever.

We understand how important it is to preserve your valuable and meaningful memories to digital. We treat your video tapes and media with the utmost care and attention to detail with great results.

Choose from several different digital transfer formats. Put your videos on: DVD, thumb drive, hard drive, or uploaded to dropbox, Vimeo, or YouTube.


8mm, Super8, and 16mm Film Transfers

Similar to video tape, film reels can degrade over time if the conditions in which they are kept are not ideal. A super dry or humid environment can negatively effect your film. High temperatures and things like mold can also cause irrevocable harm. Film can become damaged due to bad projection practices or incorrect film splicing techniques.

The good news is we can help you preserve and share your old home movies for all to enjoy. We take extra special care with your film and often perform restoration to make sure your transfer is the best quality. The image is captured with exceptional color letting you see it on your screen now as it was projected in the past.

Photos and Slides to Digital

Provide us with your photos and slides and we’ll scan them at high resolution- preserving all of the incredible details and color.

Some of your images may have encountered color degradation, fading, scratches, rips, spots, and blemishes. As an added value to you, we process each photo to restore it’s color and reduce unwanted marks and scratches.

Your photos may have important family historical writing on the back side of the image. We can preserve both sides of your photos and label them accordingly so you won’t lose the hand written documentation.

We can place your photos and slides onto DVD, hard drive, thumb drive, or dropbox.


A great place to go to put all your memories together. Tim was great to work with!

Kathy Raymond Allen

8mm Film to DVD Customer

They do a super job!

Freda Hall

VHS to DVD Customer

Thanks Imagination Media for the great work restoring my old slides!

Sharon Matthews Scott

Photo Slides to DVD Customer

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Please tell us about your upcoming transfer project. We’ll get back to you with a quote. Or call (406) 239-6763 to speak with us directly. 

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