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When I first understood there was a such thing as web 2.0 a couple of years ago, the world seemed to open up to new and bigger potentials. No longer was I stuck in my little universe sending emails and browsing static web-pages. A fresh and unhindered space began to unfold. My sphere got a lot bigger. I almost felt a mild form of disdain for the old place I had left behind. But what about that distant memory? Am I more connected now? How am I using this new technology to build better, more lasting relationships?

What is the new Social Localism?

Well, nothing new really. It’s just become a lot more instant. Meeting people locally that is- but then what? The key is taking the time to really and honestly and genuinely get to know your new friends in the social media space. Connect- especially to those around you in the physical universe. I know long distance internet relationships have their place. Twitter and facebook are fabulous tools to meet far off people you never could have met otherwise, but never under estimate the awesome power of true and actual tangibility! A certain Divinci painting comes to mind. Once you establish a good connection online set up a real meeting. Socialize and network.

Some Localism tools

A friend of mine I met on Twitter, Monica Ray, aka @montanamonica sat down and met over coffee today to discuss the new Social Media Club Missoula that is beginning to take shape. It’s interesting how this one connection on Twitter has blossomed into a new network of really talented and helpful, local individuals. Our first meeting was a raving success for the simple fact that we began to really share information in real “real” time. What a fabulous opportunity to shine the localistic spirit! Twitter is fast, but the speed of sound is faster! So I’m going to do for you what was done in that meeting. I’m going to share some links. Some good localistic links.

To meet Twitter people in your area check out:


On facebook search for local groups of your interest and begin to ask for friendships. You never know who is out there until you make the effort to meet people.

Check your local online newspaper’s blogs and start commenting, sharing and making connections. Take that relationship into facebook or twitter. Then set up real meetings.

Join social media clubs like Social Media Club If there is not one in your area then start one!

Blog for your local audience

Ok. for the search engines… here you go. I am a video producer living in Missoula, Montana. I said it! Will Google index this statement? Probably. Anyone searching for video producers in Missoula, Montana might come across this post due to the key words. My point? Post for your audience where you are if you do business locally. As more folks make the internet an extension of their lives they will continue to search for the products and services in their area. Many of us know the Yellow Pages are scrambling to get more traction online. Their revenue is dropping in print because their coveted “walking fingers” have turned into the ever elusive browsing eyes. Dex knows what’s up. We should too.


So… tweet locally and act globally… no.. that’s cheesy. Anyway, thank you for listening!

Do you have some more links to share? What are your thoughts on the new social localism? Is this actually a true “ism”?

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