This is the second post in a series entitled “Audience Building- Tips from Broadcast Media” I am exploring how the old media boys such as TV and Radio have and continue to build huge and energize audiences around personal and corporate brands. What are the techniques employed? How can we apply that wisdom to our own social networks, micro crowds and communities? In this post we will continue to look to Radio for our muse. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated!

So What’s Your Frequency?

Radio shows live at the same frequency and at the same time every day. Likewise, your audience should always know when and where to find you on “the dial.” The new media translation would be RSS. I know that’s so obvious, but it’s true. I have come across blogs with obscured RSS feed opt in buttons or no0ne at all! So, If you haven’t already done so, set up a feed through Google’s Feedburner to allow greater distribution and control over your RSS feed. I strongly suggest placing an email opt in link at the top of your blog so readers have the choice to subscribe to your feed via their own reader or an email subscription. Feedburner has a handy blog widget available to provide email subscriptions to your blog. (Here’s a tutorial on how to install the feedburner email opt. in widget in WordPress.) RSS feeds allow listeners to get updated when a new post is created. This is ground central in any new media broadcast campaign.

Target Post Times

Bloggers who are not able to be found or inconsistent are losing future and presently subscribed audiences in huge ways. I’m not saying you need to post everyday, (althought some do and it’s not really such a bad idea) but train your audience to expect when they can hear from you. Think about peak times when people are more apt to be tuned in online and schedule your post times around your audience’s highest internet activity. For instance, Radio has its peak drive times (morning and evening) when most people are listening to the radio as they drive to a from work. TV’s prime time attracts bigger audiences. Take a look at Twitter’s peak post times. Or Facebook’s most trafficked time slots. Think like a new media broadcaster. Know when your following is listening and be there when they are tuning in.

Blog Promotion

Promote the heck out of your blog. Put the link in your email signature, business card, online profiles, etc along with a catchy tag line that explains what the blog is about. Ask people to subscribe to your RSS. If you are using old media advertising, add your blog link to your ad.

Boost Your Signal

Use social networks and communities to build frequency by posting relevant and meaningful content as it relates to your brand. Get involved and engage heavily within your networks. Reach out and meet new people daily. You may want to set a goal of connecting with a couple new people a day on Twitter or facebook?

So many people get caught up in the numbers game. You could have 20,000 followers, but if no one knows you or cares about you, than it’s really just a meaningless waste of time to have a massive following. An active online connection is truly like a signal boost to your your “new” radio tower. It literally is reaching out or spreading across a virtual space one connection at a time. Actually, the term “New Radio” is a Chris Brogan (ism) I gotta give props. We are essentially new radio broadcasters.

Givers Gain

Social media is very much about the offering and sharing of useful information. The more you give positively the more you grow in Recognition and Respect or trust. R and R is a tremendous power boost and should be nurtured at all times. Read and comment on blogs often within your niche or in other side niches related to your business. Make your self visible and be constructive in other online communities. Be helpful. It goes a long way.

What are some other things you are doing to broaden your online reach?

Harness Anticipation

Audience anticipation is good mojo for your blog. Just like in a commercial break or a “stay tuned” moment, bloggers naturally leave people hanging from post to post. Don’t disappoint them. Use this to your advantage. Deliver on time and do it often with great content.

Create topics based on a series of posts. This is a good way to generate continued interest. End your posts with a mention of the next blog topic. Leave a cliffhanger or an enticing nugget. Repeatedly fill the needs and expectations of your audience and you will keep them in tune.

Now I’m going to practice what I’ve just preached. The next post in this series will address the issue of developing an online persona and brand as it relates to “celebrity”. Keep your RSS in site! Don’t delete that bookmark! I’ll keep you posted!

Please chime in if you’ve got some other ideas to share. Thanks!

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