video marketing for small business

The communication conundrum 

Have you ever tried to explain a concept with words, only to start drawing it out on paper? Have you ever noticed that perplexed look on the face of your audience when, even with visual materials and diagrams, they still weren’t getting it? It’s tough to communicate sometimes.

Show and tell sells

Humans are visual creatures. Our minds comprehend and retain information much better when we hear and see it explained simultaneiously. That’s why video works so well to demonstrate products and ideas. It’s real life sound and motion. It’s fast, effective, and necessary to capture your audience’s attention and hold it- just long enough to sell it like it is.

Give them what they need

Provide a video demonstration to show your wares, but nothing drawn out or long winded. Respect your audience’s time by giving them useful and relevant information quickly. Your audience will love you for it! Show them you care by making your presentation a quality experience that is easy to find on the page. Check the goodness box on that one! Direct them to purchase your products through a clear call to action. Put your website to work for your viewer and let the video do the selling!

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