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It’s a new day with a new slate.

Hopefully 2013 is going to be a profitable year, an amazing year for everyone viewing this video.

My motto for this year is: “Be Better to make better!”

As a content marketer and video producer, if I am going to attract new and ideal clients and continue to serve them the best I can, if I’m going to grow my business and do my best work, I’ve got to get my own house in order and become exceptional on many different levels.

Organization, time management, physical health, and spiritually all play into being a better person, and in turn, doing incredible work.

Many content marketers struggle with the daily grind, the interruptions, the responsibilities, the pressures to create at a moments notice. Which can lead to burn out.

I struggle with that stuff too…

External Solutions vs Internal

Sometimes we look to externals like the shiniest new objects in social media, or the latest gadget or tech toy to some how transform us out of a rut and fulfill our goals.

One of the greatest motivational speakers and business minds, Stephen Covey once taught, “To do well you must do good, and to do good you must first be good,”

Good work, good production, good business, starts from within.

Be the Content Your Audience Needs to Follow

We know that people do business with those they know, like and trust. If you are genuine, confident, inspiring, full of life and enthusiasm.. it shows!

If you’re on the up and up and making personal improvements, your audience will pick up on that and want to join that ride with you. Because people like to be around others that make them feel good.

You are your best content marketing weapon!

Make people love to be around you. In turn they will watch your videos, read your work, subscribe, follow, and buy from you.

Some of my Goals for 2013

Real quick: I want to master a program called OmniFocus to get better organized
I am losing 15 pounds by March 31st. I am focused on carving out more quiet, thought time during the day… away from the noise distractions

Some books I want to read are The Impact Equation, by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Getting Things Done, by David Allen and the 4 hour Chef, by Tim Ferris.

What are your personal goals for this year? leave them in the comments below.
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Remember, Be better to make better!

For Free!

I found this really handy dandy goal planning guide from It will help you set and fine tune your plans.

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