Ever dream of taking your local business to a national level? Ever wonder how to get paid to teach others to do exactly what you do?

When I met up with my buddy, Joe Burnich at the Break Espresso in Missoula, MT, we started talking about this topic.

How can local businesses stay local, but offer services to a national clientele? The dream is to have the bennies of small town life with the opportunity for greater wealth. It’s business expansion without relocation.

Joe and I both love it here in Montana. We don’t want to leave it for the “big city.” The most amazing thing is we are not bound by physocal location doing business online. Why would we have to leave?

That day, Joe shared his story with me. We discuss how he got started in his carpet cleaning business. He explained the tipping point that caused him to look outward for new revenue streams and how he took his local business national with carpetcleaningwebsites.com

I decided to re-record that conversation. Watch the video below to see how Joe got the ball rolling.

Have you ever thought about doing this? If so.. how would you do it?


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