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I thought it would be fun and interesting to share some ideas about how businesses can add video into their mix of content marketing. The time has come for local businesses to think like content creators and not just advertisers anymore. Your clients want to know, like, and trust you so they can do business with you and then refer others to do the same. A video blog can be a perfect solution to foster engagement with your brand, show you as the thought leader, give value to your clients, and generate leads and ultimately make more sales.

Let’s get started!

French Restaurant Creates Intriguing Cooking Show

A French restaurant starts a cooking show called, “The Secret Sauce,” producing a weekly “how to” web series featuring their own entrées and others (not yet) on the menu. The chef becomes the star of the show and adds a personal flavor to the palette. The key with this show is revealing secrets and creating anticipation for the next one to be given. That’s the hook. Plus, giving away some recipes and enabling others to cook those dishes can generate brand engagement and loyalty.  And when friends and family come to sit down at the table, the talk is about the French Restaurant’s new cooking show! What about bringing on local celebrities to make guest appearances for added viewer attention and interest? This might be a way to spice things up, add credibility, and leverage the local media draw the way morning talk shows do. It’s authentic. It’s transparent, but most of all, it’s entertaining!


Marketing Agency Produces NEWS Show for Their Target Niche

A marketing agency provides a weekly news show talking about the latest marketing and business trends dedicated to the agency’s niche clientele. For instance, this marketing firm works within the automobile industry. The show caters to that targeted audience and further establishes their brand as the marketing authority in that industry. It’s called, “The Auto Mark.”  Skype is used to interview people and have it be set up more like a talk show, question and answer type conversation- keeping it within the 10 to 15 minute zone. It does not have to be complicated, just informative. Folks in the automotive industry could get valuable takeaways to apply to their businesses. The agency wins because they provide that connection as the thought leader and a company willing to take the time to help it’s audience. Kindness and thoughtfulness goes a long way in social media. Content is social currency. The more you give and spend the more that work begins to pay for itself in customer retention and referrals. If you do it right!

Ok… one more…

Mom and Pop Auto Shop Gives Maintenance Tips In Weekly Web Series. 

Now that we’re talking about cars… How about a mom and pop auto shop does a show about car basics called, “The Mechanic’s Minute” It’s a “How To” web series covering everything from changing oil and wiper blades, to what are the best types of all weather tires to purchase, etc. These little tidbits of information can really help out- especially for people who need help, but don’t know how to ask or are embarrassed. The front desk at the shop could have a questionnaire at the front desk, or post it on Facebook so the customers could make suggestions for future shows. The mechanics are the stars! They get to be on camera giving helpful advice, tips, and tricks. The customer gets to see a human side to auto repair- endearing customers to the shop and receiving value in the process. See how helpful and engaging this is? Do you know any car shops that are actually doing this type of marketing? How could a show like this set their brand apart from the competition?

What Show Would You Create for Your Business?

I’m game to get some feedback! I love brainstorming ideas! This is the fun part of marketing…

Here’s An Example of Some Work We’ve Done 

We produced a webseries for an athletic apparel company, The Runner’s Edge. The show is named, “The Runner’s Minute” and it provides helpful tips and avdvice for those training for the Missoula Marathon. These are short episodes that get straight to the point.

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