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Meng Dental’s Story

Meng Dentistry was in the process of completely overhauling their website. They wanted to get away from their current corporate and sterile look and feel. Plus, the site was looking like every other Dentist website out there and wasn’t communicating the right message. We needed to make the site less doctor focused and put the patient’s front and center. We decided on a few key patient’s with extraordinary successful outcome stories.

Meng Testimonials

  • 5 Client Hero Interviews
  • Doctor Interviews
  • Family and community focus
  • Shot on location
  • 2 days of shooting
  • Before and After Images
  • Target Audience research

Creative Highlights

Word of mouth marketing is the most powerful. It can often be unpredictable and take on a life of it’s own. We captured 5 incredible patient video testimonials and 2 doctor interviews along with office footage to create a total of six videos to be used on their website.

SEO Optimized

The patients we selected had unique problems and solutions to meet their needs. Google friendly search titles and descriptions were created.

Multiple Videos

We made the most of our time by inviting 5 patients in to give their testimonials, plus the doctor interviews. We also captured other shots of the office and the doctors at work. Each patient had their own unique testimonial video as well a a single home page video.

Patient Hero Stories

We chose five incredibe patient stories, from key demographics that examplified total transformation. We wanted to show what it was like before working with Meng, (showint the problem) what is was like woking with Meng, (the solution) and what their life is like after working with them (the results).

Location Shooting

Family and community are two subjects Meng Dentistry wanted to convey in their videos. We scouted and chose 2 locations that created the perfect backdrop for communicating these messages.

Jed Dennison’s Story

In this story you will find out how losing a front tooth turned into gaining a life long friendship.

Kim Williamson’s Story

Discover what teeth grinding and working at Meng dentistry have in common. (Hint: It’s a good thing!)

We were revamping our website and knew that video would be a part of our online marketing approach. We chose imagination Media because they understood how to connect emotionally with our audience. They were great to work with and during the testimonial interviews they put our patients at ease and the captured their stories perfectly!

Katy Lytle

Marketing and Patient Outreach, Meng Dentistry

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