How It Works Training Video

Reflex Protect and NCS FAST are new and revolutionary non-lethal self defense products which required intuitive and easy to grasp customer training and support.

How To Video Summary

  • Attention grabbing
  • Under 1.5 minutes
  • Easy, step by step, how to training
  • Fast paced and entertaining
  • Sleek and professional

Creative Highlights

Reflex Protect’s mission is to extinguish home and work place violence. To do this they need an array of video productions like: promotional, user training, how to, and commercial videos to help communicate and sell as much product as possible through their website, amazon, and social media platforms.


Slow Motion Video

We wanted to show off the tight stream of the CS Gel spray and to show in detail how the product is used.

Set Design

IM designed and collaborated with Reflex Protect with its construction. It was essential that we had three walls and space to shoot the product.

Product Photography

Both video and photo stills were taken of the product were taken in the studio on a 360 degree spinning plate.

Animated Graphics

Animated titles and “call outs” were used to give the video a slick and technical look and feel.

Reflex Protect Commercial

This spot start uses cinematic imagery and suspense with a climactic ending leading to the call to action. For use on TV and social media.

Demonstrations and Testimonials

See and hear from the users of Reflect Protect and the ones that were sprayed by this effective non-lethal self defense tool.

Production Shots

Imagination Media is totally professional and produced the kind of video we needed to showcase our series of products. We were on a tight deadline and needed to cover a lot of ground for shooting. IM helped us script, create the set, shoot and edit with no complaints here. Their team were super fun and great to work with! I highly recommend working with them.

Joe Anderson

CEO, Reflex Protect

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