Tier App Audience Building

Custom video production for Instagram

Tier’s Story

Tier is an app designed by Montana Root Applications. It’s purpose is to allow mobile phone users to add and mix media from different sources in one place on their phone. This had never been done before so MRA asked us to help them build an excited and expecting audience. This would allow them to test and get user feedback as they created the app. Another benefit would be to have a ready made buying audience in place. We chose Instagram as the best platform to find and connect with their target market.

Tier Instagram

  • Attention grabbing
  • 10 seconds to 1 minute
  • Square mobile friendly dimensions
  • Location shooting
  • Audience research and feedback
  • Motion Graphics
  • Sound Effects
  • Text and animations
  •  Community building 

Creative Highlights

Instagram is a dynamic platform where art, marketing, branding, and personal connections come together. Our strategy was to give constant value to our audience in the form of stunning art, inspiration, and providing a glimpse into the Tier app which is soon to be launched.

Video Memes

We chose to stand out by creating eye popping and expressive memes to build likability, trust, and to speak directly to our community of artists, coaches and healers.

Social Media Optimized

Built in the square video format for optimal mobile viewing, with attention grabbing text, graphics, and video.

Instagram Eye Candy

Our target market is digital content makers, artists, musicians, and those in the personal growth industry. We needed to create our own art and add value to the Instagram community.

User Experiences

We created artistic depictions of the app in use to help give the viewers get an idea of what to expect and to promote app launch notifications.

Instagram Video Memes

Positive quotes mixed with seriously cool visuals help to bring value to our growing Instagram audience.

Instagram Video Art

Here’s a sample of some of the custom video art we created for the Tier app Instagram page.

Instagram Art Video Stills

I needed to educate my target audience about my software product. Imagination Media took the time to understand my story, then went forward building a very connected audience through very short social media videos and Instagram artwork. I recommend Imagination Media 100% because of their technical acumen paired with their high EQ yielding incredible story telling and brand building results!”

Ryan Duarte

CEO, Montana Root Applications & Tier

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