Team projects make the difference.


Philip Christerson, Tim Danyo, and Bob Zingmark, Eugene O'Neil with nephew Russell

Philip Christerson, Tim Danyo, Bob Zingmark, Eugene O'neil with nephew Russell



Bob Zingmark from Zingmark Creative and I began working on the Elvis 008 video project last week. This is when we first met. I am always thrilled to meet other creative media types and to collaborate on projects. Much of my work is solo at the moment, so to be on a team, working together to facilitate a unique vision, really gets my juices flowing! The show went well and we were able to get some great footage of the musical event.

A shout out goes to my man, Philip Christerson, from Works Like a Dog Productions. He literally does work like a dog and I greatly appreciated that! Thanks for the Clear Coms!

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