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415 N. Higgins Ave. Ste. 12 Missoula, MT

DVD duplication and video transfer copies

Are you looking to get your old VHS tapes protected and transferred to DVD?

Is your MiniDV, Digital8, 8mm, or Hi8 camera dead with no way to see the video?

Need a way to preserve your Super8, 8mm, or 16mm films straight to DVD?

We can help!

Let us transfer your old VHS, Digital video tapes, and film to DVD.

We even convert video recorded onto digital cards!

How Much does it cost?

All types of video tapes listed up to 2 hours of footage on one DVD for $25
(If you have more than 1 tape per 2 hours- each additional tape switch is $5)
Each DVD copy is $11 (Ask about our large order discounts)

8mm, Super8, and 16mm film transferred to video is .18 cents per foot.
Each 3″ reel approx. (50ft) is $8.50
Each 4″ reel approx. (100ft) is $17.00
Each 5″ reel approx. (200ft) 12-14 minutes is $34
Each 6″ reel approx. (300ft) 19-22 minutes is $51
Each 7″ reel approx. (400ft) 26-29 minutes is $68
Add $25 for DVD authoring per disc.
(16mm film running time will be approx. half of 8mm or Super8 film)

Minimum film transfer charge is $25

Video recorded on digital cards – up to one hour is $35
Up to each additional hour is another $35

What is the turn around time?

Smaller tape to DVD orders are generally available next business day (or longer) depending on the amount of footage.

Film transfers take up to one week or longer depending on amount of footage.

Where is Imagination Media located?

We are at 210 N. Higgins Ave. Suite 204, Missoula, MT.

Please call 406.239.6763 to place an order, or schedule an appointment.

Thank You!

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