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Video Sells It Like It Is

The communication conundrum  Have you ever tried to explain a concept with words, only to start drawing it out on paper? Have you ever noticed that perplexed look on the face of your audience when, even with visual materials and diagrams, they still weren't getting...

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The Music of Social Media Influence

I am an avid listener of music. I've always been this way. I can remember listening to Boston and ELO records on my portable fold up turntable with speakers at the age of 4. Now, my tastes range all over the place from techno to jazz, classical, Christian, folk,...

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Audience Building Part 2- Staying Tuned In

This is the second post in a series entitled "Audience Building- Tips from Broadcast Media" I am exploring how the old media boys such as TV and Radio have and continue to build huge and energize audiences around personal and corporate brands. What are the techniques...

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