The creed of the New Broadcasters!

creed of the new broadcasters

We create and share what we find most interesting and meaningful. We talk about the things that matter most to us. We watch what we want, when we want, and tell others about what we are watching and how to start watching it. Being our authentic selves is respected and appreciated in our community. We do not put down or mock others for their beliefs, but engage in conversations and interact directly with those whom we find most interesting, those who are in need of help, inspiration, entertainment, or simply someone in which to share lives. Our goal is to influence and to educate those around us, not through manipulation or crafty schemes, but by establishing genuine and trusting relationships online and offline.

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  • admin

    What would you add or take away from this? I’d love to get some feedback!

  • Nettie Clouse

    WOW! This is awesome! Like it very much! Way to go!

  • Great conversation. Small Business will need to become more comfortable and committed to utilizing social media to network and resource discovery. “comfortable” conversation with folks we know will lead to reaching out to engage others

  • Looks good, Tim.

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