Video Transfers

DVD duplication and video transfer copies

Imagination Media provides fast and reliable DVD authoring and duplication video services. Simply provide us with your video tapes, slides, photos, or movie film and we can quickly and accurately transfer them to DVD. Your discs can also be duplicated in small or large quantities. We can work with you to create professional, customized menus, chapters, disc labels, and cover art to go with your special presentation.

Our Guarantee

Imagination Media guaranties each DVD will play in your player or your money back.

The Burn Process

First we create the DVD master using the latest in burning technology- maximizing the quality of video to fit onto the disc. It is from this master disc in which we create the DVD copies. You can order as many copies as you need. Each disc can hold up to 2.5 hours worth of quality video. Most consumer video tapes can easily fit onto one disc, but some, recorded in the LP (Long Play) mode, will not fit. No problem, we can produce a second or third master disc from the original video recording.

DVD Label Printing Process
We thermally print your label right onto the disc. What is thermal printing you ask? Thermal printing is the process of printing that literally heats the label right onto the surface of the disc. This means laser sharp quality, non-smudging and durable labels that stand the test of time. Your label can consist of text and graphics of your choice.

*A Special Note*
Consumer ink jet labels can smudge, smear, or fade with time. Most are not waterproof. Sticky labels, or press on types, are never a good idea. These labels can actually cause the disc to wobble inside the player if they are not perfectly centered onto the disc- causing glitches or even total loss of view ability.
Cover Art and Graphic Design
We provide professional graphic design services to give your DVD project the final wow factor. From start to finish we can customize every aspect of the DVD to ensure your work is represented the way you need.

DVD Packaging:
Our standard tape to DVD transfers are placed in 6″x6″, slimline, crack proof, clear, plastic cases. The perfect size for mailing and distribution. We also provide larger plastic clam shell (The type common to what you would find in retail stores) Other special order options are available for all your packaging needs.

We Support These Video Tape Formats: 

VHS-C, VHS, SVHS, 8mm, Digital 8, Hi8, Mini DV, DVCam

Film Formats:

8mm, Super 8, 16mm, Slides and Photographs

Computer Formats:
QuickTime, WMV, AVI, mpeg2, mpeg1, mpeg4, Flash, check for other formats

Disc Formats:

DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD RW, CD-RW, CD-R, Audio CD, check for other formats

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