The Foundation User Generated Testimonial Montage

What if you had over a thousand highly successful members in your growing online community? That would be amazing!

What if these members lived all over the world? How would you effectively collect all those valuable video testimonials?

To travel the world would be nice (as a video producer) haha! I would’t mind that at all! But sadly, it’s very impractical and costly.

Their experiences were so real and genuine! Many of these members had just gone through a fundamental shift in their mindsets about business and personal development. They had experienced a roller coaster ride of failures and triumphs and had met a new support community of fellow entrepreneurs. This happened during an intense six month online software entrepreneurship program at The Foundation.

They were excited and ready to tell their newly found success stories.

We didn’t want to miss this golden branding and marketing opportunity.

So, how did we seize this opportunity and travel the world without ever buying a plane ticket or hiring  multiple local production crews?

We worked with the team at The Foundation to come up with a solution.

We decided to call up as many members as we could and ask them to send in pictures, video clips, personal testimonials, and interviewed several on a goto webinar and Skype.

Imagination Media handled all the directing, contacting of members, scheduling and conducting of interviews, and all the digital material acquisition. Everything was edited and distilled into a dynamic, educational, and inspirational testimonial video montage.

The result was a fun, sincere, honest, authentic, and awe inspiring video that helped brand, and market The Foundation as the leader in online education and transformation for entrepreneurs worldwide.



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