Video Marketing Tip – The “Rule of Ones”

Web Video Production Techniques

In web video land, you get a small window of time to make a lasting first impression. In regards to educational videos, product demonstrations, and tips and tricks type content, many videos fail to capture and keep the viewer’s attention due to lack of a targeted message. The guide I use when creating this type […]

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Content Marketing Strategies – Video Blog and Webseries Brainstorming Session

Video blog, vlog, web series production

I thought it would be fun and interesting to share some ideas about how businesses can add video into their mix of content marketing. The time has come for local businesses to think like content creators and not just advertisers anymore. Your clients want to know, like, and trust you so they can do business […]

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Video Sells It Like It Is

video marketing for small business

The communication conundrum  Have you ever tried to explain a concept with words, only to start drawing it out on paper? Have you ever noticed that perplexed look on the face of your audience when, even with visual materials and diagrams, they still weren’t getting it? It’s tough to communicate sometimes. Show and tell sells […]

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5 Steps To Begin Your Business Video Blog

Video blogging for business online marketing

A business vlog, or video blog, is a continual online video series about your business. It allows for a fun and entertaining way for your business to engage with your customers, to market products, share ideas, spark conversations, and build deeper relationships. If your business isn’t blogging or vlogging, you are missing out on an […]

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Video For The Small Screen – Making Eye Contact


Big Screen vs. Small Screen Web video lives in front of a completely different viewing audience than that of television or the big screen. It’s important to understand these differences when producing video for the small screen (computer audience). In this post I will talk about using proper eye contact when delivering educational content online. […]

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The Music of Social Media Influence


I am an avid listener of music. I’ve always been this way. I can remember listening to Boston and ELO records on my portable fold up turntable with speakers at the age of 4. Now, my tastes range all over the place from techno to jazz, classical, Christian, folk, trip-hop, hard rock, bluegrass and many […]

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When time and space get reconnected


This blog has gone dormant for quite sometime. Time and space and a whole bunch of other projects in between happened in the meantime. Thank you for keeping this page subscribed! I want to let you know that I am revisiting a new content strategy and to look forward to more things happening with this […]

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Audience Building Part 2- Staying Tuned In

Blog Audience Building

This is the second post in a series entitled “Audience Building- Tips from Broadcast Media” I am exploring how the old media boys such as TV and Radio have and continue to build huge and energize audiences around personal and corporate brands. What are the techniques employed? How can we apply that wisdom to our […]

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Audience Building Part 1- Dialing In the Dialogue

new media radio

This is the first part in a series called “Audience Building.” Travel with me as we explore how and why the big names in broadcast, print, cinema, and theatre can attract and attain such massive and devout followings. What are they doing to get millions of views and followers? How can we apply that to […]

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New Media for a Cause- A Call to Action!

New Media for a Cause- A Call to Action

I started working with the United States of Hope (USOH) this past summer video taping the groups involvement in the Missoula Marathon. They were raising money and awareness for Vets and all those impacted by war. I had met Samuel Redfern, (President of USOH), a couple years back and was familiar with his cause. It […]

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