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Video Marketing Tactics: When To DIY And When To Hire A Pro

Video Marketing Tactics- DIY or Pro

Many companies struggle with the question of wether to keep video production in house or to hire a professional. There is a ton of information and many conflicting opinions for or against both types of strategies: DIY (Do It Yourself) or Pro video. In this post I will discuss the pros and cons of each […]

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Top 10 Video Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make and How To Fix Them.

Video marketing mistakes businesses make

We all make mistakes right? There is no harm in failing unless we keep making the same mistakes over and over. Video marketing is fast becoming main stream for businesses. This article covers some of the biggest mistakes I find businesses making and offering some tips and tricks of ways to avoid them. As a […]

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What’s the most important word in sales? Secret revealed.

Video marketing and the sales discovery process

If you struggle with sales and need a little clarity and motivation.. this blog post may be for you. If you are looking for ways to connect your videos directly with the pains of your customers.. please read on. Have you ever experienced a salesman who wasn’t really listening to you? It seemed like they had a […]

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How to generate client testimonials that sell.

happy face quotes

Testimonials are an extremely powerful marketing tool. A well made testimonial connects the viewer’s emotional problem to solve with the solutions you are offering. It comes across as sincere and authentic without being “salsey.” In this post I will share with you a system to acquiring more emotional, meaningful, and memorable testimonials from your clients that sell […]

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Video Marketing Tactics- How to Grab Attention In The First 5 Seconds

Video marketing- Get attention with your video

Attention is the name of the game in online video marketing. Grab it and you’ve got another shot to keep it. Lose it and you wasted time and money creating a video that never get’s them to the call to action. That’s a sad ending to a story that never began.. (how lonely and terrible) […]

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5 Ways Video Can Boost Your Online Customer Service

video online customer service help

Online customer service can be tricky. Even though we have an online presence doesn’t always mean we are “there” for our clients. Some companies opt to hire virtual assistants or call services to receive questions and take names and numbers after hours. That is helpful. Then you have the standard contact form and FAQ to […]

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How to be a better content marketer and overcome struggles in 2013

content marketing

Be Better to Make Better Content from Imagination Media on Vimeo. It’s a new day with a new slate. Hopefully 2013 is going to be a profitable year, an amazing year for everyone viewing this video. My motto for this year is: “Be Better to make better!” As a content marketer and video producer, if I […]

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Why Your Corporate Video Sucks & What To Do About It


Imagine the pain and heartache of spending considerable amounts of time and money producing a corporate video that gets no ROI! Visualize the client discovering your video, pressing play, and then clicking off the video within the first 5 seconds! All your blood, sweat, and tears wiped clean with one cold click of a mouse. […]

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Entrepreneur Spotlight Featuring Joe Burnich

missoula business entrepreneur spotlight video

  Ever dream of taking your local business to a national level? Ever wonder how to get paid to teach others to do exactly what you do? When I met up with my buddy, Joe Burnich at the Break Espresso in Missoula, MT, we started talking about this topic. How can local businesses stay local, […]

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Video Marketing Research Analysis and Statistics for 2012

Video marketing analysis and research statistics

Here is a list of 50 impressive video marketing research analysis, and statistics for 2012. Included within the list are lnks to the data’s page source. I wanted to provide context to the numbers.  I’m always bookmarking and  swiping good and relevant data to help make the case for video and content makreting for business. […]

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