Why Imagination Media will help you attract your best clients & grow your business.

If you want more clients to know, like, trust, and do business with you.. you’ve come to the right place.

If you need help starting or advancing your online marketing strategy you’ve also come to the right place.

In a nutshell…

You must identify who your ideal clients are and why they love doing business with you.

If you know who they are, and their struggles, then you can work to create content that will resonate.

Creating valuable and engaging content will build awareness and credibility for your business.

How do we grow your business from the inside out?

We’ll show you the most effective video & content marketing techniques and strategies and how they can be applied to your business. We will work with you to produce content that is designed to:

1. Grab awareness

2. Capture qualified leads

3. Close deals

Instead of a static and lifeless website, yours will become a valued information hub.

We will help turn your visitors into customers.

Your customers will view you as the authority and will seek to do business with you over the competition.

How does that look & sound?

What Other People Say About Imagination Media

“Tim is conscientious, professional, and passionate about doing quality work. It shows in both his efforts and the product he delivers.”
Julie Cowan- Program Manager- Montana Meth Project

“Imagination Media is consistently relevant with the current trends of marketing and what’s hot and what’s not, which in today’s world, you’re hard pressed to find.”
Cheyeen Adamson, President of YesPhonics

“Tim Danyo is a professional of the highest integrity and has great experience and knowledge in the field of video and communications.”
Earl Chessher, Owner, CorElAnn Video Productions

“He is truly talented and knows what he is doing. I love, love, love my video and wouldn’t change any part of it!”
Youa Vang Owner, Youa Photography

“Tim’s insight into the use of video in the social marketplace, is unparalleled.”
Jerry McGowan, President Flexsolate, LLc

It’s refreshing to work with a man who has high powered results without the high power attitude!
Angela Breidenbach, Professional Speaker and Author

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About Tim Danyo

Tim Danyo is a video marketer and entrepreneur

Tim & his son Nathan.

Imagination Media was founded by Tim Danyo. He is a new media marketer, educator, and entrepreneur.

His training is in visual communications and has worked on many successful film, documentary, television and web video projects.
Tim takes his experience in all these areas to help businesses brand and market themselves online.

He makes value and action driven video content for the web. Tim believes that to truly gain influence in the market place, an individual or company needs to produce amazing content that captivates and empowers their clients and those in their industry.

You can contact Tim here:

Phone: 406.239.6763

Twitter: @TimDanyo

Facebook: @TimDanyo

Google+: Tim Danyo

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