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Video Marketing

Video Marketing Solutions That Get Results
Imagination Media is a results driven video production company offering complete video marketing solutions for your business. Your hand crafted video includes story boarding, scripting, shooting, editing, online and DVD distribution. Dramatically increase web traffic and gain high profit clientele. Quickly captivate, educate and motivate your audience to take action with a powerful online video presentation.

Show Your Best!
Are you looking for a way to stand out from the others? It is a well known fact that customers buy from businesses they know and trust. Imagination Media presents your video with authenticity and believability. We come to your place of business and capture the best of what you do- incorporating exterior and interior shots, onsite testimonials, interviews with you and your staff, product demonstrations, details about what makes you stand out from the competition, and much more. We are experienced film makers trained to find and tell the stories that inform and entertain your audience.

Engage Your Audience
Is your website failing to keep visitor’s attention? Are prospective clients clicking away before taking action and contacting you? With the rise of social media and advancements in web technology, audiences now demand a more sophisticated and entertaining web experience. Gone are days of the static webpage. (give stat about attention spans) Your site needs to grab attention immediately with a well placed video message. Imagination Media takes time to research your targeted audience and provide a content marketing strategy that speaks to their needs, answers questions and overcomes obstacles. Your video is easy to find within the page, is on message and is made to click.

Get Found!
Are you struggling to gain visitors to your website? Imagination Media can properly optimize your finished video to get found by the major search engines. in fact, research has found that a properly optimized web video placed on your site can boost first page ranking in Google by 53 times! Our goal is to get you noticed.

Get More Sales!
Is your website actually driving sales to your business? Imagination Media puts your video to work by motivating your audience to take action and “click for more”, “sign up now”,  “buy now”, “share this”, “contact us” or other positive responses.

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